Human Resources

SILVER SERVICE® is the foundation of Arnold Machinery Company, and it shows our customers that excellence is our standard. No company can promise uncompromised customer satisfaction without associates who back up and deliver on that promise.  
Arnold Machinery Company’s Policy Book: You will never get fired for doing too much for the customer as long as it is ethical! But you will be in trouble if you do not leave the customer smiling! How will you know what will make the customer smile? Ask the simple question: “What will make you happy?” In these ways will we show that excellence is our standard and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR ONLY POLICY®

Arnold Machinery Company offers our associates a great benefit package that includes: 

  1. 100% paid Medical Insurance for the associate, their spouse and children.
  2. 100% company paid dental insurance for the associate. Coverage is available for spouse and children, premiums apply.
  3. 100% paid long & short term disability.
  4. 401K matched contributions up to 4% of your salary.
  5. 100% Life Insurance for associates that pays up to one times your salary, or $50,000, whichever is less. Three times the amount if the death is accidental.

Krystal Hansen: Director of Human Resources